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Terms and Conditions

Please ensure that you have read our terms and conditions carefully before submitting photographs.

1. Insurance

Digital images and discs are submitted at the owner's risk and the owners are responsible for insurance against loss or damage.

2. Captions

All discs must be labeled showing the photographer's name, address and contact number. Each digital image should include an accurate caption describing the subject of the photograph. We do not have the means of checking the accuracy of captions and photographers are reminded that errors in captions lead to lost sales. All pictures of British landscapes must have the county as part of the caption as these may be used for regional calendars which are planned on a county basis. All digital image files should be named with a unique reference number or code at the beginning of the file name.

3. Formats

Carousel retain the right to crop any image as may be necessary to suit a particular format of publication and to edit digitally if we believe that it is necessary (for example sharpening or ‘cleaning’). Carousel will not make any significant digital manipulations to digital images without the prior permission of the photographer.

4. Free Copies

Each photographer will receive three free copies of every calendar in which their pictures appear. Further copies are available at our usual trade terms of 50% discount.

5. Copyright

All published photographs will be protected by the © symbol and the photographer's name. In submitting photographs for consideration, photographers confirm that they are the owner of the copyright in the submitted work or that they have obtained the agreement and permission of the owner of the copyright. By submitting photographs for inclusion in Carousel publications the undersigned confirms that they will indemnify Carousel from all claims that may be made on the grounds that the publication of the photograph or illustration is an infringement of copyright.

6. Usage and Rights

All photographs published in calendars are purchased on the basis of one year, worldwide, calendar only rights. Carousel also reserves the right to use any published photographs on its website, and to use any published photographs to advertise its products.

7. Exclusivity

We do not ask for exclusivity for pictures used inside a calendar but we prefer that images that we have selected for cover use do not appear on the cover of calendars produced by other publishers. Please clearly indicate if any picture or one of similar subject and composition has been submitted to another company for use in a calendar in the same year or has been used on the cover of any calendar in the previous two years.

8. Standard Payments

Carousel pay a fee for all photographs used and this fee will vary according to the size of the image reproduction or the size of the calendar. The rates for our more common formats is detailed below, Carousel reserves the right to change the payment terms in advance of final publication of any calendar. Contributing photographers and artists will be informed of any change in payment terms before final publication. Cover images are usually used again on the inside pages of the calendar and a 50% premium is usually paid for the cover and inside usage.

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