Carousel Calendars

Carousel Calendars’ Biggest Regional Range for 2020

Carousel Calendars’ range of regional calendars is the largest available in the UK market for 2020, offering a collection that covers all major counties, cities, and areas of interest across Britain.

The Largest Regional Range Available

The range was expanded considerably in 2019 with the addition of all new products and the acquisition of an exciting licence, and will continue to grow for 2020 as more locations are added to provide the most comprehensive choice for customers. Along with standard places such as Oxfordshire, Birmingham, Newcastle and similar, the collection has added more niche products such as Yorkshire Dales National Park, Canals and Waterways, Shakespeare’s Country, the Wirral, and Shropshire Hills, among many more.

As a special feature, all of the calendars from Carousel Calendars that focus on locations in Wales include dual-language captions and dates for Welsh speakers.

National Railway Museum Calendars 2020

Adding to the regional range, Carousel is also now in their second year of a three-year deal with the National Railway Museum, which uses their archive of beautifully nostalgic poster artwork to create new titles celebrating the heyday of rail travel. These cover major British regions such as the South West, Yorkshire, Wales and North West England. They proved to be a popular purchase in 2019 and are expected to retain this success in 2020.

Regional calendars are firm favourite with customers, appealing to buyers due to their showcasing familiar sights and favourite locations from where they live. As all regional products come with an envelope included, they also make an ideal gift, bought by those looking to post a little slice of home to friends and family elsewhere. Having been updated to present a more modern, clean and functional look, but still providing the well-loved beautiful photography and helpful location captions, Carousel’s regional calendars are sure to appeal to new and old customers alike.