Carousel Calendars

Licensed titles flourish for Carousel Calendars

Carousel Calendars’ licensing programme has seen tremendous growth over the past 2 years, with its total number of licences rising by 22% between 2013 and 2015. The most popular licences currently held by the calendar publisher include Emma Bridgewater, Where’s Wally?, Betty Boop, Forever Friends, Pollyanna Pickering, Madeleine Floyd, Help For Heroes, Eric The Penguin and the RSPB.

The total number of licences held for 2015 titles was 92, having risen from 75 in 2013, and its list of titles continues to expand. Many of its existing licensed ranges have also been extended over the past few years due to their popularity. For example, the licensed dated range for the RSPB has grown from just a couple of products to a range of seven titles in both beautiful photographic and illustrated designs, and Carousel Calendars has seen recent sales of calendars exceed 100,000 units per annum.

Carousel Calendars has entered into new contracts for a number of exciting licences for 2016 dated products, including Beryl Cook, Sooty, Little Else, Matt Sewell, WWF, Katarina Sokolova and the RSPCA. For 2016, it also signed a 2-year licensing deal with The National Trust, which has not licensed for several years, and its diverse range of calendars and diaries is anticipated to be extremely popular with customers. Current forecasts look extremely positive, particularly for their range of regional recipe calendars.

For 2015, Carousel Calendars saw an increase of 14% in sales revenue and an 11% increase in royalties paid compared to the previous year. Initial sales figures for the 2016 collection shows that all of its new licences have been very well received and Carousel Calendars hopes for continued success with its licensed ranges for next year and beyond.

Carousel Calendars is constantly working to increase its selection of licensed products, and is already progressing with an extended range of titles for 2017. Some of its existing ranges will be developed, and a few will also be updated with entirely new design styles. It has also recently been confirmed that Carousel Calendars will be producing a range of calendars and diaries for British lifestyle brand ‘Tottering-by-Gently’, launching in 2017.

Martin Rees-Davies, Head of Licensing for Carousel Calendars, commented: “The strong growth in our licensed revenues, royalties and brand partners is a real endorsement of Carousel Calendars’ approach to licensing. Detailed strategic plans and excellence in design, along with close and effective retail relationships in all channels, is driving us forward and opening many more opportunities with new and existing licensors.”